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In a culture where one in five students is affected by some kind of mental health disorder, it can seem daunting to think about how to help teenagers and adolescents. How do you determine the difference between normal teenage behaviors and behaviors that indicate something more serious is going on?

Aaron McFatridge of Next Level Mental Health wants to remove the stigma and make mental health first aid as common and accessible as CPR. When someone provides CPR to an unconscious person, they are not performing surgery or diagnosing an illness. They are simply trying to get that person to the next level of care.

going deeper

Similarly, when a student is exhibiting red flag behaviors that suggest he/she has some deeper mental issues they are struggling with, someone trained in mental health first aid has the ability to recognize those signs. You don’t need to be a counselor or have a degree in mental health to be able to help.

This is where Aaron and Next Level Mental Health can help your youth based organization. We provide training to help everyone in your organization to recognize where students might be having troubles and help guide them to someone who can help.

We help you take the stress out of helping students get help!

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No one likes to talk about mental disorders and how they are affecting our students, but with training from Next Level Mental Health, the stigma can be lifted and lives can be saved!

Call Aaron at 903-387-0826 or email him at aaron@nextlevelmentalhealth.com to get him on your next training schedule!